Business Development

Contact Seqirus for in-licensing of vaccines and pharmaceutical products within the Australian and New Zealand markets.


R&D Partnerships

CSL has established and continues to maintain strong long standing strategic partnerships with academic institutions and other companies in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. These collaborative partnerships support a range of innovative research programs, including both basic and applied research in plasma therapeutics, vaccines and recombinant biotechnology.

Experience & Internal Capabilities

CSL has access to enabling technologies to support early stage research opportunities. CSL’s research is also backed by development capabilities around the world.

CSL conducts scientific advisory panels and clinical trials in many countries and has the benefit of years of experience in major regulatory jurisdictions.

CSL also has significant manufacturing capabilities of complex R&D and in-market biopharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, CSL has the commercialisation experience in specialist niche areas to offer successful product launches.

Strengthening the Pipeline

The Research & Development activities at CSL are focused on new product development, life-cycle management and safety of our extensive product portfolio. CSL invests in the development of protein based medicines for treating serious human diseases that can be made from plasma, traditional biological sources or using recombinant biotechnology.

CSL is interested in building its Research & Development portfolio particularly in the areas of Oncology, Inflammation, Immunology and Coagulation Factors.

Partnership Types

CSL forms licensing partnerships around innovative product candidates and technologies.

Product Candidates

Typically, when the CSL team evaluate a new product opportunity, we look for novel protein-based candidates possessing the following:
  • A well validated target
  • A defined mechanism of action
  • Well characterised properties
  • Strong preclinical or clinical data
  • A strong intellectual property position

Further, the product candidate must have the potential to significantly improve patients’ lives by filling an unmet medical need. We also look for synergies with existing CSL business units yet would consider opportunities in other therapeutic categories, given compelling merits.

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