CSL Plasma

CSL Plasma has more than 65 plasma collection centres in the USA and Germany, along with plasma testing laboratories and logistics centres in both countries. One of the largest collectors of human blood plasma in the world, CSL Plasma sources the plasma required through its plasma collection operations and commercial purchases.

Globally, more than 400,000 donors provide the plasma used to produce a range of life-saving products for critically ill patients. CSL Plasma offers a reliable and secure source of plasma for those essential medications.

The plasma collection business is based at Boca Raton in Florida and has the largest plasma testing laboratory in the industry at Knoxville in Tennessee and a logistics centre at Indianapolis in Indiana. Based at Marburg, operations in Germany include eight plasma collection centres across the country, a plasma-testing laboratory in Gottingen and a Marburg logistics centre.

In this stringently regulated industry, CSL Plasma complies with the highest international standards, uses the most sophisticated systems, and continues to explore avenues of innovation.

For more information about the company, please visit CSL Plasma U.S.

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