Corporate Responsibility

At CSL, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is about conducting our business ethically and contributing to the economic, social and environmental well-being of our communities. We believe that behaving responsibly is critical to the sustainability of our company. 

We align CR with our business goals and ensure that it complements our unique capabilities and benefits our diverse set of stakeholders. 

Our Corporate Responsibility Priority Areas

  • Innovation by focussing on product research and development and operational excellence;
  • Safety and Quality by maintaining the highest standards throughout all stages of the product life cycle;
  • In the Marketplace by marketing our medicines in an ethical manner, working with others to improve equity of access and sharing our financial success;
  • Working Environment by engendering a culture of mutual trust and respect, enabling them to do their jobs safely and effectively, and rewarding and recognising their contributions; and
  • Supporting our patient, biomedical and local communities by improving access to our therapies and enhancing the quality of life for patients, advancing scientific knowledge and supporting future medical researchers, and engaging our staff in the support of local communities.


Our values form the foundation of CSL's global commitment to CR. Our Code of Responsible Business Practice further guides and shapes the way we do business. It defines our ethical standards and sets out our commitment to sustainable development.

CR is governed by CSL's Global Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee. The Committee facilitates the development of our CR priorities and drives awareness, integration and continuous improvement of CR throughout the Company. The Committee reports to the CEO/ Managing Director and is further supported by the Board's five committees.

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