Disaster Relief

Supporting relief efforts in Vanuatu and Nepal - July 2015

In response to natural disasters that struck Vanuatu and Nepal, CSL, together with its employees worldwide, donated US$151,244 to humanitarian agencies across Australasia, the US and Europe. In Nepal, where there was significant loss of life and infrastructure, CSL Behring, through the World Federation of Hemophilia, also donated 216,000 internal units of human coagulation factor IX to help patients with bleeding disorders receive essential treatment.

Supporting relief efforts in the Philippines - December 2013

In response to the humanitarian emergency in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan, CSL donated 1,000 ampoules of tetanus immunoglobulin to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The product, essential for the treatment of tetanus infection, was distributed by the WHO to Tacloban, the worst hit region.

In addition, employees from across our sites fundraised to support urgent relief efforts, and together with company matching, a total of US$156,936.61 was donated to local Red Cross agencies.

Contributing to New Zealand and Japan earthquake appeals - March 2011

A sequence of tragic natural disasters took the world by surprise in February and March 2011. Devastating earthquakes struck Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ) and north-eastern Japan, both taking place within weeks of each other.

The magnitude 9.0 Pacific Ocean quake created a destructive 10 metre high tsunami, wreaking havoc for the east coast of Japan, including damage to coastal nuclear reactors. Both natural disasters have resulted in a significant loss of life and infrastructure.

With operations and employees in both countries, CSL is supporting the NZ relief efforts with a corporate donation of A$50,000 to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal 2011, and in Japan, CSL Behring Japan has donated, on behalf of the CSL Group, US$250,000 to the Japan Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. Our employees across the globe are also contributing to appeals, which will be matched in full by CSL.

CSL supporting Australian flood relief - January 2011

The unprecedented rainfall impacting eastern states of Australia has caused extreme flooding inundating thousands of homes and businesses. In response to the natural disaster declared in Queensland and flood emergency in Victoria, CSL has donated $250,000 to the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal and $100,000 to the Victorian Floods Appeal 2011.

In addition, CSL is supporting employee fundraising by matching dollar-for-dollar all contributions raised to support those affected by the floods. As a major provider of essential medicines for Australians, CSL is also working closely with local authorities & Health Departments to ensure ongoing access to our therapies. 


CSL’s support of Haiti recovery efforts - December 2010

In early 2010, on behalf of the CSL Group, CSL Behring donated US$100,000 to support urgent relief efforts in neighbouring Haiti. The donation to Habitat for Humanity will ensure necessary shelter and emergency provisions are provided to families affected by the devastating earthquake. 

Additionally, 5,000 syringes of Tetagam® P and 1,600 5ml ampoules of Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin were donated to Direct Relief International (DRI). DRI is a charitable medical relief organization that assists communities affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest. DRI will channel CSL’s donation to the Hospital Albert Schweitzer in central Haiti. 

Tetagam® will be used in preventing and treating tetanus, a serious public health problem in the developing world. Tetanus is sometimes life-threatening and is often associated with skin puncture wounds caused by rusted metal. Hepatitis B Immune Globulin is used in treating exposure to the hepatitis B virus, which can occur in a variety of ways. If left untreated, hepatitis B can become chronic, threatening one's overall health and prognosis for recovery. Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) supplied the needles and syringes to accompany CSL’s product donation.

Furthermore, in December 2010, CSL Behring donated to DRI critically needed medical supplies to assist cholera patients in Haiti. The products will be used at Justinian University Hospital (JUH) in Cap-Haitien. JUH is the main public hospital for the entire northern sector of the country; the donated I.V. solutions and supplies will also be distributed to the numerous cholera treatment units (CTUs) that have been established in the cholera outbreak area as dictated by need. 

The donation, consisting of 4,632 bags of Lactated Ringers solution, 1,500 infusion sets, and 1,500 safety catheters, will help treat patients who have been hospitalized due to infection with cholera, a serious condition that has affected Haiti in epidemic proportions. The solution is administered intravenously and will be used mainly to replenish body fluids in patients who have experienced severe dehydration as a result of their condition. It may also be used as a conduit for other medicines to be administered to cholera patients. 

CSL & staff join together to raise funds for the Victorian Bushfire Fund - April 2009

On the 7th February 2009, after weeks of extreme weather conditions, uncontrolled forest fires in rural Victoria resulted in unprecedented loss of life and property. To directly assist individuals and communities affected by the fires the Victorian Government in partnership with the Australian Red Cross established the Victorian Bushfire Fund.
The devastating fires took place in the Australian state in which two of CSL's manufacturing sites as well as the global head office is located. Employees took on immediate action to raise funds and provide relief supplies to support those affected. Of the total amount contributed, AUS$79,760.45 was raised by Australian and overseas staff, which was matched in full by CSL. 

Combined, CSL and staff donated $412,760.90 to the Fund. The collective response to the bushfires demonstrates a shared commitment to addressing critical needs in our community.


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