Researching New Medicines

At CSL, we are dedicated to the development of protein-based medicines that prevent or treat serious human illnesses. This is critical to our continued growth and sustainability as a company, and to our ability to contribute to the human health challenges of the future.

R&D at CSL is lead by our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) who reports to the CEO/Managing Director and is an attendee of the Board’s Innovation and Development Committee. The CSO is supported by the Heads of the global R&D functions and the Global PharmaPlan Committee, which meets regularly to review the global R&D portfolio and strategic investment priorities.


Our research projects are undertaken globally with research teams drawing together employees from different countries depending on their expertise. We have developed a global project management framework to facilitate collaboration across national and cultural boundaries and to harness the strength of our diversity.

We establish strategic partnerships with academic and other organisations globally to complement our in-house expertise. These collaborative partnerships support a range of programs including early-stage research and later stage development in plasma therapies, vaccines, and recombinant products. A range of advisers provide additional strategic insights into our product development initiatives.

We enter into collaborative agreements with third parties to further the science and prospects for successful product development. These partnerships often result in shared knowledge, intellectual property or products. The collaboration agreements address issues such as research funding, payment of milestones achieved and royalties. Where possible, we undertake activities at our laboratories and those of our collaborators, to facilitate growth of expertise and cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Responsible research practices

CSL is committed to conducting all of its R&D activities in a responsible manner. This means complying with government regulations in all countries in which we conduct research and meeting industry codes and standards of best practice.

This approach ensures the quality of our research and protects the rights, safety and wellbeing of our clinical trial participants. It also ensures the close monitoring of animal welfare during animal-based studies. In addition we recognise our responsibility to be transparent about the results of our clinical trials, and to provide public positions in relation to the bioethical concerns of our stakeholders. 

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