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Human coagulation factor VIII, Freeze-dried

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BIOSTATE is a freeze-dried preparation containing human coagulation factor VIII, a protein which is essential for normal blood clotting.

BIOSTATE is used to replace factor VIII in people with haemophilia A, a bleeding disorder in which there are reduced levels of factor VIII. People with low levels of factor VIII may have difficulty forming blood clots, and these clots may take longer to form. Sometimes, people with low levels of factor VIII may bleed spontaneously into their joints or muscles.

BIOSTATE is supplied as a freeze-dried powder which is dissolved with Water for Injections and then injected into a vein. Each vial of BIOSTATE is packaged with one vial of Water for Injections and a plastic Mix2Vial™ filter transfer set that is used to transfer the Water for Injections into the BIOSTATE vial.

Product Information
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