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CSL is a global specialty biopharmaceutical company that aims to identify, develop and commercialise important, new, biotherapeutic products that help to save lives by preventing or treating serious medical conditions. CSL are committed to significantly investing in its future R&D portfolio and capabilities in the areas of immunoglobulins, specialty products, haemophilia products and breakthrough medicines.  

CSL's strong commitment to funding research and development of protein based medicines for unmet medical needs underpins its continued growth. 

CSL operates as one integrated global research and development organisation. CSL assembles co-ordinated global project teams drawing together staff from different countries depending on their expertise. These teams rely on a project management framework that facilitates collaboration across national and cultural boundaries.

Working together on project timelines in Marburg are Senior Project Management team (from left) Dr Martin Vey, Ulrike Friebertshauser, Mark Ruppersberg and Dr Heiko Volpel.

R&D Partnerships

To complement in-house expertise CSL also draws on strategic partnerships with academic institutions and other organisations globally. These collaborative partnerships support a range of effective research programs, including both basic and applied research in plasma derived and recombinant protein based product development.

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Discussing some assay results on CSL influenza antigen are (from left) Karelle Rochecouste (Business Development), Maria Mylonas (Quality Control) and Darren Moulton (Quality Assurance).

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