CSL Lifts Profit Guidance

CSL Lifts Profit Guidance

Melbourne, Australia — 27/11/2012

CSL Limited (ASX:CSL) today announced a revised US Dollar profit outlook for fiscal 2013. The Company now expects net profit after tax to grow by approximately 20% at constant currency1, despite competitive business conditions. 

In August this year the Company reported a net profit after tax of US$1,024m and provided guidance that it expected profit to grow approximately 12% during fiscal 2013. Today’s revised outlook has been issued immediately following a newly compiled financial forecast. 

Dr Brian McNamee, CSL’s Managing Director, said “I am pleased to report an improved company outlook for the financial year, largely underpinned by the performance of CSL Behring. A number of factors have contributed including a higher level of sales, a better sales mix and improved efficiencies across the supply chain. Also contributing to the better outlook is higher than anticipated royalty income from sales of GARDASIL®.” 

Earnings per share growth will exceed profit growth expectations as shareholders benefit from the ongoing effect of share buybacks. 

In compiling the Company’s financial forecasts for the year ending 30 June 2013 a number of key variables which may have a significant impact on guidance have been identified and these have been included in the footnote2 below.

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1 Constant currency removes the impact of exchange rate movements to facilitate comparability. See full year results announcement at www.csl.com.au/investor for further detail. 
2 Key variables which may have a significant impact on guidance include material price and volume movements in plasma products, competitor activity, changes in healthcare regulations and reimbursement policies, royalties arising from the sale of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine, internationalisation of the Company’s influenza vaccine sales and plasma therapy life cycle management strategies, enforcement of key intellectual property, regulatory risk, litigation, the effective tax rate and foreign exchange movements.
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