Proposed 3 for 1 Share Split

Proposed 3 for 1 Share Split

Melbourne, Australia — 14/09/2007

As previously announced, CSL Limited is proposing to subdivide its issued capital on the basis that every one (1) fully paid ordinary share (each a Share) be subdivided into three (3) fully paid ordinary shares (the Share Split), and that options and performance rights on issue be adjusted in accordance with the Listing Rules.

The Share Split is intended to benefit shareholders by increasing the liquidity and affordability to retail investors of the Shares.

If approval is given at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 17 October 2007, each existing Share will be split into three Shares with effect from 7.00pm (Melbourne time) on 24 October 2007, and each option and performance right on issue at that time under the company's employee equity plans will be split into three, and the exercise price (if any) will decrease by a factor of three.

Immediately after the Share Split, each shareholder will still hold the same proportion of the Company's total number of Shares as immediately before the Share Split.

Download the full release: PDF icon Proposed 3 for 1 Share Split

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