CSL Biotherapies - Restricted Supply of BenPen™

CSL Biotherapies - Restricted Supply of BenPen™

Melbourne, Australia — 27/09/2011

CSL Biotherapies has advised hospitals that BenPen™ (Benzylpenicillin) is on restricted supply in Australia and New Zealand until December 2011.

This is due to the inability of our supplier to fulfil our orders on time. BenPen™ is supplied by Austrian-based, Sandoz GMBH, a division of Novartis. 

Sandoz GMBH has advised CSL Biotherapies that it is currently unable to meet global demand for BenPen™. 

BenPen™ is a narrow spectrum intravenous penicillin used in the treatment of serious infections including wound infections, sepsis and meningitis. 

“CSL Biotherapies recognises the significance of this shortage and is actively working with Sandoz GMBH to expedite supplies of BenPen™ into Australia as soon as possible”, said Dr Alan Paul, Medical Director for CSL Biotherapies. 

In addition to the rationing of current supplies, CSL Biotherapies is asking hospitals to consider the use of alternative antibiotic agents where possible and appropriate. We recognise that this is not optimal however it will ensure that limited supplies of BenPen™ are reserved for patients with the most urgent clinical need. 

“We understand that BenPen™ is an essential medicine and are committed to ensuring Australian patients have ongoing access to intravenous benzylpenicillin”, said Dr Paul. 

CSL will work with stakeholders to identify and implement additional contingencies to support future supply of BenPen™. 

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