Revercell™ 3%

Reagent Red Blood Cells

CSL Revercell™ 3% contains pooled human RhD negative red cell suspensions, one vial containing Group A1 cells and one vial Group B red cells for the detection of ABO blood group antibodies.

Revercell™ 3% reverse grouping Reagent Red Blood Cells (RRBCs) are used for routine ABO blood grouping by detection of ABO blood group antibodies in plasma/serum. This reagent is validated for use by tube technique, as well as being suitable for use with BioVue™ CAT system.



Pack Size

Catalogue No

Revercell™ 3%

2 x 10mL


Revercell™ 3% (Bulk Pack)

5 x (2 x 10mL)


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  Revercell® 3% Packaging

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