Controcell™ 2

Quality Control System

CSL Controcell™ 2 is a two sample, quality control system for immunohaematology laboratories, designed to control, standardise and validate all routine tests. These tests include blood grouping, antibody screening, antibody identification and antibody titres. Controcell™ 2 is designed to simulate, behave and be processed as a routine patient sample. The integrity of the testing process is proven by the test results matching those of the published results on the accompanying ‘Results Sheet’. 
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Controcell™ 2 includes the patented KODE™ technology that provides Group Aweak and Bweak cells, allowing users to measure the accuracy, precision and sensitivity of laboratory tests in clinical practice.

Controcell™ 2 is designed to simulate a patient sample and be tested in parallel with routine patient samples. This reagent is suitable for use by tube, tile and manual and automated microplate and column agglutination technology (CAT) systems. 

CSL Controcell™ 2 has seven primary purposes: 
  1. ABO RhD Blood Grouping Control 
  2. Antibody Screening and Identification Control 
  3. ABO Analytical Sensitivity Control 
  4. Routine Process Control for Manual and Automated Systems 
  5. Replicate Testing Control 
  6. Anti-D Sensitivity Control 
  7. Competency Assessment Control 

At present, this product is available to EU and North American approved customers only.


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Controcell™ 2

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  Controcell™ 2

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